Membership and Website Fees


Membership Dues & Website Fees are calculated by:

(The number of rooms in the property) x ($1.00/$2.00) x (12 months)

+ (IHB website fee) + (VAT) =TOTAL FEE 

  • $1.00 signifies membership in the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association.  
  • $2.00 signifies non-membership in the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association.  

The website fee is based on the below key:

1 – 15 rooms BDS$125.00 per annum

16– 30 rooms: BDS$150.00 per annum

31 + rooms: BDS$ 175.00 per annum 

E.g. A fourteen (14) room property that is not registered with the BHTA would be charged (14 x $ 2.00) x 12 + $125.00 + VAT =$530.15 for total membership dues and website fees.

E.g. A twenty (20) room property that is registered with the BHTA would be charged (20 x $ 1.00) x 12 + $150.00 plus VAT =$448.50 for total membership dues and website fees.

Please note, however, that the minimum charge for Membership Dues & Website Fees is $440.63

Frequently Asked Questions


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What are the Membership Guidelines?

Ordinary members being persons carrying on the business of a hotel operating in Barbados and satisfying the following conditions; namely:

  1. Registered with the Barbados Tourism Authority under the Barbados Tourism Authority Act 1995-15 and the Tourism Development Act 2002-7.
  2. Having a maximum of 74 rooms per hotel.
  3. The capital cost of the room being less than $200,000 (capital cost per room is derived by using the following formula: Current year’s Land Tax Property Valuation (Number of rooms in hotel).
  4. Having a maximum published winter room rate not exceeding US$200.00 per night. 
  5. At least 75% of the beneficial ownership thereof must be held by a national of a member state of the Caricom Single Market and Economy.  A national means a person who:

(a) is a citizen of a member state; or

(b) Has a connection with that State of a kind which entitles him to be regarded as belonging to or, if it be so expressed, as being a native or resident of the state for the purposes of the laws thereof relating to immigration.

(c) Is a company or other legal entity constituted in the Member State in conformity with the laws thereof and which that State regards as belonging to it, provided that such a company or other legal entity has been formed for gainful purposes, has its registered office and central administration and carries on substantial activity within the Community and which is substantially owned and effectively controlled by persons mentioned in paragraphs (a) and (b) herein but does not include a person who has attained nationality by virtue of economic citizenship.

How can I access the Intimate Hotels of Barbados logo for my company’s website/collateral/promotional materials?

As a member, you may use the Intimate Hotels of Barbados logo on your company website and other collateral materials.  To request a copy (high-resolution) of the logo and corresponding brand guidelines, please send us an email at information@intimatehotelsbarbados.com Please include a brief explanation of where you intend to use the logo.

How can I serve on the Board of Directors?

Elections for a new the Board of Directors are held every two years at the Intimate Hotels of Barbados’ annual general meeting.  

Who should I contact if I have more membership queries?

For more information on membership with the Intimate Hotels of Barbados, please feel free to contact us at information@intimatehotelsbarbados.com or you can contact the office on 436-2053/622-1517.