Intimate Hotels of Barbados is taking its valued public behind the scenes to learn some of its history and meet some members of the group. Today, we introduce All Seasons Resort.

The award-winning resort is located on the platinum west coast & is a tranquil, relaxing three-star hotel that provides affordable accommodation on luxury shores of Barbados without breaking the bank. All Seasons Resort is in Sunset Crest, St. James. Their 48 one-bedroom suites are spread across 4.5 acres and are surrounded by hundreds of palm trees.  Each spacious one-bedroom suite has a kitchenette, a living area, a dining area, a private patio & a private parking space. They even have a beach house facility with a pool right in the heart of Holetown that their guests can use to enjoy the West coast beaches. The resort is home of Asian Spice Indian restaurant, renowned in Barbados for its authentic cuisine.

The property has been managed since 2007 by Managing Director, Soni Kessuram, who has been in the hospitality industry for over 27-years. She previously had a hotel in Yorkshire, United Kingdom, before moving to back to Barbados and taking over and rebranding All Seasons Resort – formerly known as Europa Hotel.

“In this industry, it’s very important to continuously improve your product to stay current. I did a major renovation back in 2007 when I took over, and then again in 2014, and as of February 1st 2023, we have just completed another massive renovation on property. All 48 one-bedroom suites were gutted and renovated into more modern suites with open kitchen plans. The most recent renovation was a difficult undertaking because we started during COVID and the outlook for tourism was particularly uncertain at that point. It was a big risk, but I had faith that Barbados would bounce back and when it did, our guests would want to stay in a fresh, new product. The feedback so far from our guests has been very encouraging, and our repeat guests have said that they were blown away with the new rooms.” she said. 

The former Chairman of Intimate Hotels of Barbados from 2018-2020 said one of the moments she will cherish is when her repeat guests returned to the hotel following the onset of COVID-19. 

“A repeat family of 12 retuned and our entire team was touched to see three generations of their family on property. It was a very heart-warming reunion,” she said. 

Zeroing in on the staff, she said that the staff have become a part of her extended family and she credits the success of the hotel to the staff who have stood by the hotel along its journey. 

“Our team is truly fantastic. There are days when we spend more time with each other than we do with our families, so we are there for each other. We pray together, we solve issues together, I would say I am blessed to have an amazing team,” she said.

The former first Vice Chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association said 16-years-ago the company decided to become a member of Intimate Hotels. 

“I am very passionate about Intimate Hotels of Barbados as I served on the Board of Directors for nine years and then as Chairman for two years. All our properties are unique but when you come in as a guest, you are not just a room number to us, as we know you by name and can deliver a more personalized experience than in a larger property. Intimate Hotels does a great job in marketing its members & All Seasons Resort is proud to be a member of IHB,” she said. 

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