Island Inn Hotel keeping the history of Bridgetown alive.

Island Inn Hotel, which is located in Aquatic Gap, St Michael is one of the oldest hotels on the island dating back to 1804. The property was originally constructed as a Rum Storage facility for the British Regiment. 

The quaint hotel has been recognised as a part of UNESCO Historic Garrison and has been designated as a historical property in Barbados.

General Manager of Island Inn Hotel, Thora Browne, who is the manager of the historic property said she became involved in the hospitality industry due to her seeking employment after she had finished her studies and later fell  in love with the industry.

“I was seeking employment and when I started, I soon realized it was something I liked doing because I enjoy interacting with people and that was natural for me, so I continued. As General Manager, Island Inn became a project for me as it was at that time only well known for the food and beverage. We wanted to make it a full hotel.  Moving from one level to the next was a challenge but it was an enjoyable one as I got to learn different techniques along the way and how to apply them to get the job done. It was interesting because we had to become creative and apply best practices to move from one level to the next,” she said. 

With a bright smile Browne who has been the General Manager at Island Inn Hotel for the past 17- years said, “One of my favourite events here at Island Inn Hotel would be the cocktail party on Wednesday nights because we get to display a bit of Barbados as well as some of the talents of Barbadians. We show the guests how to dance and how to enjoy a Caribbean “lime” and we turn it into an authentic party instead of a cocktail party that you would have at a traditional hotel. The guests and staff participate, and they all have a tremendous time!” she said. The party includes an interactive lesson on Barbados rums by the bartender with exciting rum cocktails!

Despite the hotel’s laid-back nature, the property has been awarded countless Barbados Hotel and Tourism Awards, Trip Advisor Awards, British Airways Awards and is a member of Intimate Hotels of Barbados. Browne said that the hotel decided to join the IHB to gain valuable experience from a team of hospitality experts.

“The experience with Intimate Hotels has been a mutually beneficial one as we advertise with the group. Additionally, having one office where we can refer matters to and get advice from industry partners is an added bonus,” she said. 

The General Manager Thora Browne said she wants readers of this article to appreciate that Island Inn is a hidden oasis in Bridgetown; a very special, laid-back, historical, all-inclusive property offering excellent service, well equipped rooms, great food and a pool.

“If you are looking for some place where you want to relax after a long week’s work or if you just want to celebrate an intimate moment between you and your partner, a birthday, have a conference, business meeting or wedding, Island Inn is definitely the place for that,” she said. (Write Right PR Services)